Meet Trish Hudson: Founder of Holistic Hospitality Solutions

A 25-year veteran of the hospitality industry, Trish has worked in both front and back of house positions, as well as distribution, manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, financial support and equipment. She undoubtedly knows this business inside and out, and is proud to say she was a foodie long before it was a thing! Recently, we sat down with Trish to chat about what inspired her to launch her own business, her vision for HHS, and the story behind the company’s name. Here’s the inside scoop, straight from the source.

In one or two sentences, can you tell us what your company is all about?

Holistic Hospitality Solutions exists to provide independent and franchise restaurants, both large and small, with an independent analysis of their operations. Then we provide them with the support to make improvements, which will yield either time savings or additional profit.

What inspired you to launch Holistic Hospitality Solutions?

When I was working in large corporate environments and visited clients, practically every time I sat down with them, they started to share with me some of the things that weren’t working in their business. Even though I was there to discuss just one stream of their business – a specific product or service that I was paid to sell – these clients would confide in me. I felt very honoured that they trusted in me to share these situations. But since I was only hired to assist them with one element of their business, I couldn’t aid them in solving these bigger issues based on the job at hand.

It felt so incongruous to me. I wanted to help my clients with everything. I realized my diverse knowledge could ease many of the issues they were experiencing, which was the catalyst that led me to establish Holistic Hospitality. I wanted to address a major gap in our industry: the fact that restaurant owners often lack an outside consultant who can analyze and provide oversight of their entire operations, including financing, purchasing, equipment and marketing. I knew I could leverage my expertise in these areas to help independent restaurants, franchisees and franchise head offices increase their profits and create stronger operational practices.

restaurant bar stoolsWhat is your vision for the company over the next few years?

I want to help independent restaurants, small regional chains and large franchises across Canada gain efficiencies in all the areas where I possess deep knowledge. The saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” definitely applies to many of these companies.

Tell us the story behind your choice of company name. Why did you decide to name it Holistic Hospitality Solutions?

When working with clients, I believe it is crucial to take a HOLISTIC view of their business, which means assessing all facets of their current operations. I start by sitting down with the owners, senior members of their team or experts in a particular stream, and I ask them to explain everything that isn’t working as well as they would like. If they desire a more in-depth perspective, I will also speak with their staff and their suppliers to glean more information. In some instances, I might even quietly visit several different locations of a client’s restaurant to observe everything that’s happening, do a cross-section, and identify areas needing improvement.

This assessment is the starting point and once we have the full picture, I work with my clients to find a SOLUTION to what isn’t working as well as it could. Drawing on my depth of experience in all facets of the industry, I will identify solutions that can help the company save money, increase profits or gain efficiencies…or all three!

Author Trish Hudson

Trish is the owner and principal at Holistic Hospitality Solutions. She aims to help assess her clients operations from top to bottom in order to gain efficiencies, save money, and increase their bottom line.

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