Earlier this month, we announced our involvement in the launch of the KiSSGC mobile app for restaurants. KiSSGC stands for “Keep It Super Simple” + “Gift Cards” and we are excited to finally share more information about it with you.

Let’s start with looking at the most successful mobile app in the food industry: Starbucks. Not only does this app make everyone’s life easier by optimizing both orders and payments, but it also integrates Starbucks’ top-rated loyalty rewards program along with gift cards and coupons. In fact, the popularity of their recent ‘Mobile Order + Pay’ option was a little too successful (yes, really!), as a large number of orders placed via the app created congestion at pick-up counters earlier this year.

Today, we dive into why having your own branded app is an investment that pays for itself and what makes the KiSSGC app stand apart from the crowd.

Why should I invest in my own private-label app with KiSSGC instead of a third party solution?

When selecting a mobile app vendor, many restaurant chains choose to use a shared open platform. But many restaurateurs aren’t aware that they don’t own the valuable data (e.g. customer profiles and contact information) collected in the app if they use a third party vendor. Instead, all of the data within the app is owned and controlled by that third party.

Okay I’m convinced. I want an app for my restaurant! How does that work?

With KiSSGC, restaurants have total control of their very own closed platform and can fully control the mobile app through a user-friendly dashboard. The app enables restaurants to:

  • Manage their data
  • Ensure all information stays private
  • Have access to all data at any time, with no additional cost
  • Consult with a team of specialists who will continually innovate and refine your custom app

What features does KiSSGC offer?

The KiSSGC team has spent two years developing the app. The result is a mobile app that includes eight valuable features your business can benefit from:

1. Be cash flow positive with mobile payments

KiSSGC has partnered with Stripe, one of the largest online payment processing companies in the world. They are also one of the best platforms for running mobile businesses, as they handle billions of dollars every year globally.

Just like the Starbucks app, your customers can now preload money onto your custom-branded app, so you have access to cash before the transaction even takes place. By offering customers the option to buy gift cards through their smartphone, you receive 100% of a customer’s funds upfront.

2. Seamlessly manage loyalty programs

The basis behind every restaurant loyalty program is to reward loyal customers so they return on a regular basis. If you can increase visits from loyal customers by even 5%, you will increase profits by 25%-95%, so this is an area that we encourage restaurants to take seriously.  

With our app, customers are also motivated to return again and again since they can view their loyalty points balance themselves directly on the app. You can even send push notifications to remind them to come in and redeem their points!

3. Replace physical gift cards with e-cards

If carrying around extra weight in your wallet deters you from purchasing a pre-loaded gift card, we’ve got a solution to that problem. KiSSGC now makes it incredibly easy for customers to buy gift cards from your restaurants.

With no requirement to carry a physical card around, customers will be more motivated to purchase an e-card directly through your app. In fact, you’ll even save money by eliminating card printing and distribution costs! Customers can even send e-cards to friends and family via SMS or email. E-card recipients just have to load the app onto their device, and have instant access to their e-cards.

4. Connect with your customers faster than ever

KiSSGC allows restaurants to send instant messages to its customers via text message, email or push notifications directly to their phone.

Imagine this scenario: You’ve noticed that the last four Tuesday evenings have been slow. In order to increases sales, you can use your restaurant app to send out text messages, emails and push notifications to customers about a particular Tuesday night promotion you’ve decided to run.

Since KiSSGC also allows you to target according to gender and age demographics, you can make sure that your marketing gets the maximum ROI possible.

5. Optimize digital promotions and rewards

KiSSGC helps your customers take advantage of digital promotions by bringing it to their smartphones, keeping you top of mind and motivating them to visit your restaurant on a regular basis. Using the app to send targeted promotions to your loyal customers can increase visits, because there is no better place to remind people about promos and rewards than via their smartphones! In fact, the average North American spends 87 hours a month on their mobile devices!

In addition, KiSSGC offers convenient social sharing features within the app to boost your brand exposure by allowing customers to easily share promotions with their friends and followers.

6. Access comprehensive reporting

The KiSSGC platform gives you access to real-time transactions in addition to sales and performance reports so you can make data-driven business decisions based on live information.

For instance, KiSSGC enables you to filter your reports and data by age, gender, birthday, spend and frequency! We help you understand the habits of your customers through real-time analytics so you can optimize promotions and loyalty programs accordingly.

7. Continually improve your loyalty and rewards program

The KiSSGC platform contains artificial intelligence capabilities which allow restaurants to create custom reports for custom needs.

Knowledge is power, so having in-depth knowledge about your customers and their behaviours is the key to customer retention. The analytics are your gold mine. Here are a few examples of custom reports you could build:

  • Customer point redemptions vs points earned
  • Mobile sales through the app vs total revenue generated
  • Mobile dollars loaded vs redeemed
  • The times and days the app is used most frequently
  • Best servers vs worst servers based on tip percentage

8. Improve customer experience

In addition to real-time reporting, KiSSGC helps restaurants obtain feedback on its operations. When a mobile payment is complete, there’s an option for customers to submit comments that are sent by SMS in real time to the restaurant (e.g. the franchisee, general manager or another decision maker). This enables the restaurant to take action in real time and prevent a customer from having a negative experience.

For instance, if a customer pays using the mobile app and submits negative feedback, then the floor manager can immediately approach them to resolve the issue and offer a solution before any negative word spreads.

If you’re interested in learning more about getting your custom-branded app, the process is easy as pie. You can have your world-class Android and iOS app in the Google Play and Apple app stores in just 30 days!

Imagine having your very own mobile app that works just like the Starbucks app. Not only would you give your customers an easy-to-use experience and increase sales, but you will also gain access to relevant real-time data to make important operational and marketing decisions.

Mobile payments alone accounted for 27% of Starbucks’ U.S. company-operated transactions. Don’t get left behind. Take advantage of the growing mobile-payment trend. Contact us at trish@holistichospitality.ca or roger@holistichospitality.ca to learn more.


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