Every month, we aim to deliver a selection of noteworthy news bites, restaurant real talk and other things you need know from a hospitality perspective. Last week, we brought you our Introductory Guide to Social Media for Restaurants and keeping with that theme, we’ve rounded up several social media stories that will motivate you to get started on that long-awaited Instagram feed.

How Instagram Has Transformed the Restaurant Industry for Millennials
Still not convinced about Instagram? According to recent research, 30% of Millennials would avoid a restaurant if their Instagram presence was weak. Yikes! Read on to find out how Millennials are using Instagram to decide if a restaurant is worth a visit or not.

12 Vancouver Chef Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow
Restaurants aren’t the only ones with captivating Instagram accounts. Chefs are the masterminds behind the mouthwatering meals on your plate, so it only makes sense that they, too, have an outlet to share their artistic creations.


Check Out These Noteworthy Fast Food Marketing Campaigns
Marketing campaigns come and go in the blink of an eye, and everyone – including big fast food chains – need to constantly reinvent and change up their marketing messages to appeal to customers and keep a slice of the pie. As such, fast food joints need to come up with clever, creative and memorable marketing initiatives. This summary shows how six fast food joints cleverly came up with creative and memorable campaigns.

Wendy’s Expertly Shades McDonald’s Over Frozen Beef
Whoever is handling Wendy’s social media accounts should probably get a raise. Wendy’s has managed to cleverly respond to (or should we say “burn”) McDonald’s announcement that next year they will no longer use frozen beef, while building awareness and fanfare for the Wendy’s chain.

Could Instagram Be the Next Reservation System for Restaurants?
Need another reason why you should invest in Instagram? The platform recently announced a plan to roll out a “booking” feature for businesses such as restaurants. This means that anyone scrolling through Instagram might see a delicious picture of an entree at your restaurant, click the photo, land on your profile and decide to book a reservation right then and there! These instant bookings have great potential to lead to increased sales.

Chef’s hilarious maternity photos go viral
Why so serious? Don’t worry, Instagram can also be used for kicks and giggles. Eden Grinshpan, a Top Chef Canada host and chef herself, is using Instagram to depict the realities of pregnancy while paying homage to food. Erin’s series has gone viral as it’s rare for a mother to truly show the reality around pregnancy and cravings. What can we learn from this? Authenticity goes a long way.

Working hard on that pregnancy bod #edeneatsfor2

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